SMART.trailer  - TECH RMS3000, RMS3100

SMART.trailer is the „next generation“ Variable Message Sign Trailer. The trailer can display a various number of messages and traffic signs as well as submit GPS position data and status of the LED-screen to the operator. Additional features such as, SMART.collect and SMART.time can be easily added to the system.

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SMART.light - TECH RMS3000, RMS3100

SMART.light is the next level development of sequential light system built in in standard base plates. The sequential lights build in base plates provide higher visibility to road users and increase the safety level significantly.

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SMART.collect - TECH RMS3000, RMS3100

SMART.collect is a mobile radar unit for traffic counting, speed measurement and vehicle classification. It can be installed flexible and works self-sufficient.

View Details - TECH RMS3000, RMS3100 is a self-sufficient temporary traffic camera system. can continuously send traffic images over a period of several weeks. On request the images can be transferred online and linked to any website.

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SMART.time - TECH RMS3000, RMS3100

Smart.time comes as a set of two modules. Via WIFI and / or Bluetooth the system can provide time travel time information as well as travel delays between the modules. All measurements are done based on algorithm developed in cooperation with AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology).

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SMART.sign - TECH RMS3000, RMS3100

Smart.sign is the intelligent „On-Off-switch“ for all temporary traffic disabilities such as events or construction sites. By activating the SMART.sign road operators can locate, track and document the position of the sign.

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GUI - General User Interface

GUI - General User Interface - TECH RMS3000, RMS3100

The GUI (General Unser Interface) is a web based platform where all functions can be managed, controlled and operated. This state of the art technology is flexible and runs on any electronic device such as smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


of construction site infrastructure

SMART can provide real time information for all components used in the construction site. (traffic signs, VMS-displays, sensors, cameras, radar systems etc.). With IoT-technology (Internet of things) all relevant data can be submitted and digitally shown on the GUI. With this technology the entire construction site can be easily monitored.

traffic management

Traffic data such as travel speed, number of vehicles or travel time information can be detected by sensors and managed on a server. Depending on traffic the system can provide several messages on the LED VMS-signs and dynamically control the traffic flow.

of traffic incidents

Depending on the traffic flow (construction site, congestion, accident, event etc.) cameras can be automatically switched on and can provide real time videos of the situation on site.

The next generation

The SMART product family can improve the level of safety, increase the traffic flow and reduce traffic congestion.
The networked components provide real-time information for road operators as well as road users. By using SMART products dangerous blackspots on the road network such as construction sites can be made visible to road users as well as road operators.


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